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Many of us might have a rough idea of what types of food we should be eating, 5 pieces of fruit or veg a day right? Or is it 10 now? We must eat Protein, with every meal. We should eat fats but only healthy fats (whatever they are?…does chocolate count?)

Health & Nutrition Workshops

Are you a school? , primary or secondary?, a business? large or small or even a community wanting to know more about what makes us tick?

We run workshops on health and nutrition, psychology of eating, overall wellbeing and mindset mastery plus we can throw in some fun fitness sessions to suit all abilities. We can devise a plan for you or we can work with you to tailor our workshops to suit your specific needs. Whatever your requirements may be then we have the right solution for you. We truly believe that education is the key to a healthy body and healthy mind.

It is our philosophy that by looking after the wellbeing of yourself and/or your team of staff, you will in turn create an environment of positive, healthy, happy people. It is extremely important for staff to feel valued and for them to understand that the company that they work for is fully supportive of them as a valued member of the team.

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